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The Breiland Mansion and Library.

While Tesla and Holmes existed, the other characters and all of the events depicted in A Predatory Mind are fictional.

The second half of A Predatory Mind takes place in the Breiland Library in Carthage, Missouri. This is both a former haunt of Dr. Holmes and where the researchers must go to put an end to the evil that stalks them.

A Brief History of the Breiland Library

Near the end of the 19th century, Carthage was an important source of limestone. In A Predatory Mind, limestone magnate, sixty-five-year-old Gustavus Breiland, builds a mansion at the behest of his young bride, Augusta. After a series of tragedies, this becomes the Breiland Library

From the defunct website breilandlib.carthagemo.org:

Welcome to historic Breiland Library in Carthage, Missouri, the crown jewel of America's Maple Leaf City. The library grounds take up a full city block. Only while standing in the sunken garden in front of its entrance can one appreciate the fantastic scope of the building. Formerly, a mansion constructed and owned by one of the early limestone magnates of Carthage, no expense was spared in creating its majestic structure. The first floor is surrounded on three sides by a portico, an open-aired porch standing two stories tall with a covering supported by a series of fluted Doric columns. Plan a day trip to tour the grand monument. Strut along the promenade* or sip cappuccino in the Hiram Breiland Memorial Garden.

Upon entering, you will find the lobby rises two stories. A grand staircase worthy of a palace unfolds before you. With over 45,000 sq. ft. of floor space and 250,000 volumes, the Breiland library houses the most books of any institution in Southwestern Missouri.

Quick facts:
45,240 sq. ft. interior floor space
40 marble columns
116  ten foot tall windows
3796 window panes

*Promenade is closed from November to March due to frequent icing.

Breiland library first floor  Breiland library, 2nd floor
First and second floor plans, 1940 renovation Breiland Library. Martin Hill Ortiz, architect.

Timeline, Breiland mansion and library.

The first three chapters
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